How We Do It: On Site Services ▫ Specialized Training ▫ Two-Day Energy Seminar
On Site Services Compressed Air Systems
  • Industrial compressed air systems review
  • Supply-side and demand-side assessment
  • Plant air distribution system critique
  • Air quality dryers, filers, and traps
  • Employee usage and practices
  • Air costs and savings opportunities
  • Cooling water optimization
Steam Plant Systems
  • Boiler plant operational inspections
  • Boiler efficiency testing and heat recovery
  • Make-up water treatment equipment review
  • Boiler feed water system reviews
  • Steam treatment programs and equipment
  • Process steam quality reviews
  • Steam and condensate systems critique
  • Process cooling water systems review
Energy Conservation
  • Industrial plant energy audits and assessments
  • Energy allocation, metering and billings
  • Process utility systems evaluation
  • Process burners, steam, and condensate systems
  • Steam and hot air drying surveys
  • HVAC systems, fans and pumps
  • Electrical supply and distribution and lighting
  • Energy conservation and management
  • Boiler operations and efficiency
  • Boiler make-up water treatment
  • Steam and condensate quality and purity
  • Steam distribution and heat transfer
  • Process heating systems
  • Chemical vendor services and guidelines
  • Compressed air systems
  • Centrifugal pumps and water systems