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Two Day
Energy Seminar
Energy use plays a significant role in the bottom line of any facility.  This Seminar will help you identify and implement low-cost solutions with short payback periods and notable environmental recognition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand requirements for an energy program
  • Identify multiple energy savings programs
  • How to develop an Energy Management Plan
  • Understand Energy Management Attitudes (EMA)
  • Identify key energy challenges in your facility
  • supply-side vs. demand-side opportunities
  • How to reduce energy input requirements
  • How to reduce energy waste
  • Identify multiple energy savings processes in maintenance
  • How to implement energy reduction solutions in manufacturing
  • Identify and understand emerging energy sources
  • Prioritizing projects by Return on Investment (ROI)
  • How to perform an Energy Audit
  • Boiler plant and steam distribution system optimization
  • Compressed air systems operational critique and recommendations
  • Motors, pumps, fans, lighting and HVAC electrical opportunities
  • Measure and compare your energy consumption to others
  • How to read and understand your energy bills
  • The Energy Procurement Puzzle
  • How to work with your energy suppliers
  • How to monitor energy usage in your facility
  • How to benchmark on-going energy performance